Springtime at the Lake

Not all of my posts will be about food (only most of them 😜).

Living at the lake means that you always have something interesting going on just outside your back door.  As the seasons change you can almost predict the weather by looking at the flow of the water in the lake.  It’s easy and obvious to tell wind direction so you can immediately know if the temperature will be higher or lower.  The state and color of the vegetation tells you what season it is.

Spring brings with it the promise of new life including the sudden presence of many cute little baby ducks and geese. These  little fuzz balls have just shown up in the last couple of days. They have just recently hatched and are still covered with yellow down.  It’s such fun to watch them change as they grow up.


Still just fuzz balls

The interesting thing about this goose family is that there are three adults and five babies.  The adults are comprised of two Canadian geese and one white goose.  The three adults always appear together and seem to take equal responsibility for watching over the babies.   We’ve speculated about how this non-traditional family was formed but haven’t arrived at a logical conclusion. Geese mate for life so the white goose must not have found a mate of its own kind although there are other white geese around. Our conclusion is that the white goose is the nanny since the babies seem to be Canadian. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Modern Family


If we see them, we throw out some corn for them to munch on but that creates it’s own set of problems.  Their droppings are similar in size to that of a dog’s which involves some clean-up on our part.  Somebody has to do poopie patrol. The other issue is that we came home the other evening to find them waiting for us to get home so they could get their corn. 😜

From my kitchen sink (you knew I’d get back to food somehow 😂) I can see all that goes on over the lake.  Sure makes doing dishes more fun!!

Hope you’ll stay tuned to my blog.  You can actually sign up to get post notifications.  I have some great stuff coming in the next month. Hint:…Berlin…St. Petersburg…fjords…interesting food.

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