My Sweet Tooth

I’ve had a very unPaleo wish for sweets lately so it was a great opportunity to try some recipes from a new book I recently purchased, Clean Eating with a Dirty Mind, by Vanessa Barajas.

Brownies are the preferred guilty pleasure at our house and I am constantly searching for the perfect brownie.  This book has one of the best brownie recipes ever!  I knew it was a winner when my adult son came for a visit and attacked the brownies with gusto and declared that they reminded him of the ones I used to make when he was a kid.  The kicker was that he never even guessed that they were Paleo, but “Shhh”, don’t tell him.  Anyway, Vanessa named them Better than Box Brownies and they are found on page 110 of her book.  The recipe isn’t on her website, but that alone is worth the price of the book.

Since we were still on a chocolate binge, my next project involved trying her Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from page 298.  My first effort was an epic fail that resulted in very heavy cookies.  We actually threw them away.  I still felt like they had potential so I sent an e-mail to Vanessa and asked her for suggestions.  She was unbelievably responsive and offered some suggestions that I took to heart on my second attempt.  This time they turned out very chocolatey, dense and delicious.  I was so impressed with how user-friendly she was.  The problem was with the chef and choice of chocolate and not the recipe.  This one is also not on her website but I would definitely encourage you to buy her book.  She has a number of recipes on the web and has a nice index of recipes.  After I work my way through her book, I’ll have to try them.  I’m sure they’ll be equally tasty.
I was still on a mission to get a different Paleo chocolate cookie experience so I decided to work on creating what I was looking for.  This, of course, required much recipe testing and trial and error so sadly (lol) we had to taste a lot of cookies.  I’m going to share what I finally came up with and hope you enjoy it too.
Happy Eating!!!

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