Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Yesterday was a busy day so, following a trip to the grocery store, I decided to fix hamburgers for dinner.  I thought I suggested that my husband cook them outside on the smoker.  I moved on to the job of forming the patties and fixing the sides.  I mixed one pound of bison with one pound of grass-fed beef to which I added a generous sprinkling of Butt Rub and a chopped red pepper.  I made six patties from this and then added three more patties from a pound of Koby beef.  I didn’t add anything to the Koby.

I gave my husband the thirty minute warning as to when the sides would be done and continued with my preparation.  When I told him there were nine minutes left, he looked at me quizzically and asked why I was telling him.  It turned out that he thought I was cooking them and I thought he was.  At that point I got out my trusty iron skillet and began cooking the patties the old fashioned way, all the while wishing I had only made one pound of patties.  It’s been quite a few years since I’ve cooked hamburgers in a skillet but they looked, smelled and sounded delicious.

Burgers in a Skillet
Skillet Burgers

When they were done I cut them into spears, wrapped them in lettuce cups and “decorated” them with dill pickle slices, cherry tomatoes, dijon mustard and homemade mayonnaise. Add a sweet potato and you have a complete dinner. Voila! ……..

Skillet Burger Dinner
Skillet Burger Dinner

Needless to say, I couldn’t pick my burger up but it was quite delicious to eat with a fork.

Glad I had a save for our faulty communication system. You’d think after 48+ years of marriage we’d have this things licked but at least we just laugh about it now. Hope we have another 48 to get it figured out. ❤️