Our Reverse Sear Experiment

My sweet husband knows how much I love to experiment and “play” with food.  He discovered some YouTube videos that talked about a process called Reverse Sear. With this process you use low heat to cook your meat and then finish it off with a sear instead of the other way around.  Of course I got excited about it as soon as he shared it with me.  Off we went to our local meat market to buy a steak.  I found a boneless ribeye with about a one inch thickness.  We brought it home and I prepared a small sheet pan with foil and a wire rack.  I then rubbed the steak with a little avocado oil and sprinkled it with Butt Rub.

This also gave me a chance to try out my new iGrill thermometer (it worked great, by the way).
I set the oven to 250℉, inserted the probe into the center of the steak, and set the end temperature on the Thermometer to 130℉ (we like our steak medium rare).  Once the target temperature was reached I removed the pan from the oven and let the meat rest for 10 minutes.  At this point, the steak looked a bit anemic but our final step was to sear.
I put a small amount of coconut oil into a large cast iron skillet and heated it until it was piping hot.  I added the steak and seared each side until it released from the pan.  Since it had already rested, I served it immediately.
It turned out both beautiful and delicious!  Notice that the center is evenly cooked with a uniform color from top to bottom.  The original method usually produces layers from brown to red and back again. Also, there was no loss of juices like you would typically see.
In addition to our fantastic steak, a friend had given me some asparagus from her garden.  Actually I need to call her my BFF because I LOVE asparagus (Thanks, Don Ann)!  I sautéed them in the same iron skillet before cooking the steaks.   Add a sweet potato and you have a colorful plate.

Now, stop everything!!! Run to the store and get a nice piece of grass-fed meat to try this on.  You won’t be sorry!
Happy Eating!
Chef Nana