On The Way to Berlin – Part I

A picture can tell a thousand words.

Our trip to Berlin and a Baltic Cruise got off to a very rough start.  We were scheduled to leave Dallas (DFW) at 10 pm.  Texas spring thunderstorms were forecast for the afternoon so we decided to leave Granbury around 2:00 for the 90 minute drive to the airport.  We figured they had closed the airport for at least a little while until the storm passed and we wanted to avoid the stress of maneuvering long lines in a short time.  When we got there the airport was crazy busy and we were glad we had allowed plenty of time.  We finally got all checked in and decided to eat dinner at The Gas Monkey and had this amazing salad.
Mixed Greens, Red Chile, Tomatoes, Gorgonzola, Pistachios, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fajita Beef

We boarded our plane at the normal time but many passengers had missed it because of late flights into DFW.  Someone decided they should hold our plane for an hour to see if some of these people could make our flight. We finally took off, survived the long flight and landed at London Heathrow. We were to catch a connecting flight to Berlin.  The1st picture above will give you a small indication of what the airport looked like when we got there.

We got in the line for passport check and waited about 30 minutes.  Once at the front the lady told us we had missed our connecting flight by 5 minutes!  My husband tried to convince her to let us through anyway so we could see if perhaps it had been delayed.  That was a no go because she said we didn’t have a valid boarding pass since the time for takeoff had passed.  She directed us to another long line to rebook our flight with the British Airways ticket agent. We waited in this line for three hours. The only thing that made me feel a little better about the situation was the poor guy in front of us who had rebooked his flight, returned to the passport check line, and once again missed his rebooked flight. 

When we got to the BA agent, she pecked around on her keyboard and then said she was going to check something with AA. She finally came back and told us there were no more flights to Berlin that day but gave us vouchers for transfer to and from the Renaissance Hotel, meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast, a packet of toiletries including a shirt to sleep in (this made me happy since we had no luggage/pajamas 😜), plus boarding passes for an 8:30 am flight the next day. We finally left the airport around 6:30, checked into the hotel, and ate their buffet dinner that wasn’t worthy of a picture.  After we ate (including a large glass of wine) we went back to our room and crashed for the night.

To be continued in my next post….